Friday, 28 January 2011

Bridal Jewellery - Necklace almost finished!

I've finally finished beading my first bridal necklace and I'm really happy with it. I still need to work out exactly how I'm gong to do the clasp / ribbon. What is shown here is just a temporary ribbon to check that it sat right around the neck. It is quite heavy but still very wearable. I love the way the light works with the different size pearl beads and AB crystals.

Finally- the full necklace
This is how it can sit on the neck as half choker half collar length
Trial option of having a lace up back
The back of the necklace- not finished! I want to get some chunky cream silk ribbon to use for this so there is a nice big bow.

My next project is a narrower necklace with the central section of beads being 'loose' so there is more movement. I think I finally worked out how to make it last night but it's going to be quite a challenge with lots of separate threads needed.

Starting again
Workings out
...think I've got it
This is my trial mini mock-up. Quite hard to imagine it but I think it'll be really stunning and also a variation from my usual way of making jewellery
I'm using the same cream pearls again but this time twinning them with silver, black diamond and dark grey crystals to add a more modern feel to it.

I would love to have your opinion on both of these- so let me know if you like or don't like them. Thanks Kate x

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