Friday, 25 March 2011

Hot Pink! Folksy Friday

Well as it seems that today is going to be the last warm sunny day for a while I thought I'd do a Hot Pink inspired Folksy Friday. Thank you to everyone that I've included- I hope you enjoy looking at this selection as much as I've enjoyed choosing them:

TwinkleBoo Design Lilley's
The Rainbow Room Oddgirl Creates
Mengsel Karen Hilton Designs
Little Denim 100 Percent Delicate
Audrey's Cat Buttercup Boutique
Talulah Blue BaggieAggieToo

1 Bespoke Wedding Stationery by TwinkleBoo Design
2 Little Hot Pink Ninja Companion by Lilley's
3 Hot Pink - Hand Felted Bracelet by Rainbow Room
4 Ball Chain Pendant - Hot Pink Rose by Oddgirl Creates
5 Swans silkscreen print in bright red & hot pink by Mengsel
6 Hot Pink & Green Union Jack flag cushion by Karen Hilton Designs
7 Pink Velvet Heart Fascinator with Bow by Little Denim
8 Funky Pink Flower and Button 3D Wall Art Decoration by
100 Percent Delicate
9 Vintage Fabric brooch by Audrey's Cat
10 Pretty Flower Key Ring / Bag Charm by Buttercup Boutique
11 Fuschia Pink Babies Breath Fascinator by Talulah Blue
12 Fabric Card Wallet / Holder by Baggie Aggie Too

Friday, 18 March 2011

Bow Tied Up - Folksy Friday

As part of my bridal range I've used lots of ribbons and bows. So this week I've done by Folksy Friday on Bows. There were literally hundreds of bow related items to choose from so again I've just made a small selection of lovely items (including a sneaky one of mine!)

I hope you enjoy my choices- thank you to everyone I've included. Kate x

Elinor Jenkins Bridal Chiyo
Maneggi Mishamakes
Ickle Imogen Martha Evatt

1 Apple Blossom Necklace by Elinor Jenkins Bridal
2 Brass Bow Bracelet by Chiyo
3 Abbellisca - Black and Gold Ribbon Necklace by Maneggi
4 Vintage Bow Necklace by Mishamakes
5 Navy Bow Veiled by Ickle Imogen
6 Grey / green Annie bow bag by Martha Evatt

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Folksy Friday Spring Colours

The theme for my Folksy Friday is all about Spring Colours. I have to admit that I love all colours but all the fresh greens and pinks around at the moment really lift my mood- and I hope that this collection of items lifts yours too.

Thank you to everyone that I've included in this- and all my blogs. I could have had another 10 items at least to include in this but I had to stop somewhere! x

ps if anyone wants to buy me anything soon then I would be a happy lady to get the Beautiful Skin iPad case. OK so I'd need to buy an iPad to go in it but I'm sure I could find another use for such a beautiful thing until I save up enough!

Lynwoodcrafts Mrs Gibson Atelier Made with Love X Finnspirations Gimme That Thing Made by Lolly xFairly Girly Elinor Jenkins Beautiful Skin Elinor Jenkins Bridal sunflowerknits Cassia Beck Photography

1 Daisies Mending Set by Lynwoodcrafts
2 Pink and Green Button Charm Bracelet by Mrs Gibson Atelier
3 Bright Pink and Green Corsage by Made with Love X
4 Beautiful Pink and Green Wreath Door/Wall Decoration by Finnspirations
5 Rainforest Jasper Rhyolite Wire Wrapped Ring by Gimme That Thing
6 Lime Green and Pink Mini Circle Brooch by Made by Lolly x
7 Green Flower Bookmark by Fairly Girly
8 Spring Beaded Bracelet by Elinor Jenkins
9 Spring Flowers - Leather iPad Case by Beautiful Skin
10 Apple Blossom - Pearl and Crystal Necklace by Elinor Jenkins
11 Chunky spring cowl by Sunflowerknits
12 Magnolia 8 x 8" Print by Cassia Beck Photography

The Wedding Community

Yesterday I had confirmation of joining The Wedding Community. Hopefully they'll get me in contact with some brides to be so I can help them design their dream jewellery..!
See link on the right to have a look at all they have to offer

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I saw this and thought of...

Yesterday while out enjoying the sunshine I saw this beautiful blossom and it reminded me of the inspiration for my first piece of jewellery that I made for sale.
Blue sky and blossom

My Blue, Pink and Red Floral Bracelet

Friday, 4 March 2011

What is a soldiers Favourite Month..?


This week my Friday Folksy is on Soldiers. March is not my favourite month- unless this little baby decides to turn up 2 weeks early of course! I can dream. In the mean time I am dreaming of warm sunshine and trees and flowers starting to bloom. Thank you to everyone who I've included this, and every week. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Urban Eye The Grizzly Squirrel Sioned ap Gareth Thimble-Ina
Photography by Gail Griggs Jings Things

1 Lego Cufflinks Redcoat Soldiers Battling with Pirates of the Seas Toy Soldier Cuff Links by Urban Eye
2 Mirror Soldier Studs Silver Plated by The Grizzly Squirrel
3 Boy's Handpainted Toy Soldier Picture by Sioned ap Gareth
4 Camo Hand sewn Baby booties 3-6 months by Thimble-ina
5 Greeting Card: Soldiers Photography by Gail Griggs
6 London Town Bangle by Jings Things

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Apple Blossom Necklace and Bracelet

Well we've finally had a sunny day here so I can take the photos of my Apple Blossom Necklace and Bracelet set. I'm going to pop it onto Folksy and Etsy now. Really happy with how it's turned out- the white pearls are so bright and the greens and pinks really look fresh.