Monday, 28 May 2012

Dress Making Project 01 Maxi Dress - Starting out

Time for another project I think... This time I am going to try to turn my hand to dress making. I have my cousin's wedding coming up in July and as money is rather tight I thought I'd make myself a dress. As the wedding is going to be in America it's meant to be very hot so I thought I nice floaty maxi dress would be good. Obviously it needs to be REALLY easy to make as I've not made any clothes since making a pair of burberry print trousers about 18 years ago (yes, they were as bad as they sound).

So I've bought some fabric and now I need to think what sort of dress I'd like to make. As I spent more that I should have on the fabric I'm going to try to make it without a pattern. This could be a very bad idea... we shall see. Anyway here is the fabric and bits that I bought on Saturday from the Singer shop in Woking. Also there are some shots of Pearl my mum's ancient, work-horse Singer machine whose services I will be calling up again for this project. It's good to see that Singer haven't changed their logo for at least 30 years.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

May Flowers and some that will be soon... I hope...

My garden is beginning to come into colour- although so far all of it is from plants
that were already in the garden before I moved in. They're looking lovely this week
in the sun though. So here is the peony, rhododendron and something else that I've
no idea what it is..

And now for the flowers that aren't quite there yet- but here's hoping this weather will continue and they'll grow soon and fill my rather barren flower beds! So in order from top left blueberry tree, decorative grass, giant delphiniums, cerinthe blue kiwi, sea holly, my little veg patch, Himalayan poppies and some hostas and my little herb garden

Friday, 25 May 2012

westondesignco Block Series - Concept

This is the story of the Weston Design Co Block Series Posters.
These are personalised and fully customised posters
-perfect for new babies or any modern nursery.

The posters are going on sale 1 June 2012 but can be pre-ordered

It all started with a block and then a typeface and then...

...And that became a poster for our boy

From here we decided to make more posters after friends said they liked them
and were interested in buying one.
These are the first colour trial swatches printed onto the 220gsm Somerset Paper

This is version two of all colours and how they'll look at A3 and A4

Full Sample of the A3 Posters

Introductory Offer
A4 Poster £15.95 A3 £23.95
(not inc. P&P or frame)

Launch date for sale of posters 1st June 2012
Enquiries or to Pre-order Poster
View Etsy Shop
View Folksy Shop

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Interiors Mini Project 03 Martha's Curtains

I've finally got round to properly lining and hemming the curtains in Martha's Room.

I still love them- the fabric is from Ikea and I think is perfect for a little girls
room without being too girly

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Interiors Mini Project 01 Feeling a bit Banksy

Got the paint.
Looking good so far. Just need to cut, sand and drill the hardwood dowel
and oil it and hope it goes back together properly.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Do It and It's Done

I'm borrowing this as my mantra for my life from now on. No more procrastinating.

To start my new life I went for a run this morning. Hard not to feel positive
when the sun is shining and you're surrounded by spring finally springing.

I got a bit distracted on the run and had to take some photos. I ran about 7k in
about an hour but I'm blaming all the stopping for my slow pace rather than my
(lack of) fitness.

So here are all the beautiful and not so beautiful things that I saw. Sometimes
I could forget that I live on a main road within the M25 as you can feel a
million miles away. Glad I got out in the sunshine as it's now grey.

So if you're looking at, or thinking about things that you want to do this weekend:

Pick one and then do it- and it's done.