Saturday, 19 May 2012

Do It and It's Done

I'm borrowing this as my mantra for my life from now on. No more procrastinating.

To start my new life I went for a run this morning. Hard not to feel positive
when the sun is shining and you're surrounded by spring finally springing.

I got a bit distracted on the run and had to take some photos. I ran about 7k in
about an hour but I'm blaming all the stopping for my slow pace rather than my
(lack of) fitness.

So here are all the beautiful and not so beautiful things that I saw. Sometimes
I could forget that I live on a main road within the M25 as you can feel a
million miles away. Glad I got out in the sunshine as it's now grey.

So if you're looking at, or thinking about things that you want to do this weekend:

Pick one and then do it- and it's done.

1 comment:

  1. Some fab pictures there - 7k seems good to me - I can walk for miles but running? Not unless there's a bus to catch. Or an ice cream van... ;-)