Friday, 25 May 2012

westondesignco Block Series - Concept

This is the story of the Weston Design Co Block Series Posters.
These are personalised and fully customised posters
-perfect for new babies or any modern nursery.

The posters are going on sale 1 June 2012 but can be pre-ordered

It all started with a block and then a typeface and then...

...And that became a poster for our boy

From here we decided to make more posters after friends said they liked them
and were interested in buying one.
These are the first colour trial swatches printed onto the 220gsm Somerset Paper

This is version two of all colours and how they'll look at A3 and A4

Full Sample of the A3 Posters

Introductory Offer
A4 Poster £15.95 A3 £23.95
(not inc. P&P or frame)

Launch date for sale of posters 1st June 2012
Enquiries or to Pre-order Poster
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  1. Hi, these are really different! I think they're a great idea for a unique gift:)