Thursday, 22 September 2011

Engagement Ring Part II

It's official- I've finally got my engagement ring- after waiting for 5 months! It's definitely worth the wait as I love it. Just took some photos of it in the sunny afternoon sun. The padparadscha sapphire looks beautiful and the diamonds are so much more sparkly than they were in the original setting.

Click to see Engagement Ring Part I

Monday, 12 September 2011

Blue Monday- Something blue...

OK- so this was meant to be a Folksy Friday but unfortunately due to my first hangover in a very long time it didn't happen!

This week I've got lots of beautiful blue items from the lovely September Embers listing club from Folksy. This week I've made a little handbag charm for my friend who is getting married soon. I've made it in case she doesn't have anything blue yet. It's another beaded bead which admittedly nearly send me made making them but I love the way they look.

Thank you to everyone that I've included and I hope you enjoy my blue collection (and that the sky is blue where you are)

Audrey's Cat blue daisy glass
Maram Sophie's Stuff
Lauras Jewellery Bonny Lass
Mary Elliot Corrina Field Handmade
Dottery Pottery O'blue Thrashion
blue daisy glass Aingeal
Court and Spark Brockstones
Lauras Jewellery made by lolly
Esme Dodsworth Design 100 percent delicate
Sophie's Stuff Beadesk

Friday, 2 September 2011

Work in Progress: Red Pearl Necklace

This is my current work in progress: A red Pearl and Crystal necklace: It's a combination of Pearls and Crystals in the same style as one of my bridal pieces.

 teeny tiny 3mm bicone beads- the first time I've used them. Stunning Light Siam
 8mm Padparascha bicone beads

 The new next to the existing bridal piece

 All the different Reds, Peaches and Pearls

 The first row of beads completed- with the teeny 3mm beads
 The second row now added
And a close up of the first 2 rows

I'll add more photos soon

Friday, 26 August 2011

Folksy Bead Soup Part IV BIG REVEAL

Finally the day has come where we can reveal what we've made as part of the Folksy Bead Soup Challenge! So here are some photos of what I've made and I'm sure to write on here about all the other beautiful things that you can buy to support Breast Cancer Campaign.

So here is a reminder of what I was sent

with stunning beaded beads and a gold chain

Both are available to buy from my Folksy Shop or you can bid on them until the 9 September on my Facebook page. Thank you for your support!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Engagement Ring Part I

On the 26 April of this year I got engaged. It was the day that I got home from hospital after giving birth to my beautiful son. It's taken a while (who says having 2 under 2 and moving house would keep you busy?) we've found a jeweller to make my engagement ring. I wanted to use a Padparacsha Sapphire in the ring but couldn't find anything that I liked when we went to Hatton Gardens so we decided to have a ring made and buy the stone ourselves. I had a ring that mother gave me with 4 diamonds that I wanted to reuse as I never wore it. So here are some photos of the Sapphire which I love and the ring which will be taken apart.

This is the style of ring I would like- simple and elegant with a substantial band
Image courtesy of Brufords
Here are my sketch idea. Clearly I am no jewellery designer

Finally we got round to buying the stone off the internet from India. 
So exciting when it arrived!

well it looks real enough...

And I love the colour!

And here is the ring from my mum, that I want to reuse the diamonds from

Hopefully I will have my ring soon.?!