Thursday, 18 August 2011

Engagement Ring Part I

On the 26 April of this year I got engaged. It was the day that I got home from hospital after giving birth to my beautiful son. It's taken a while (who says having 2 under 2 and moving house would keep you busy?) we've found a jeweller to make my engagement ring. I wanted to use a Padparacsha Sapphire in the ring but couldn't find anything that I liked when we went to Hatton Gardens so we decided to have a ring made and buy the stone ourselves. I had a ring that mother gave me with 4 diamonds that I wanted to reuse as I never wore it. So here are some photos of the Sapphire which I love and the ring which will be taken apart.

This is the style of ring I would like- simple and elegant with a substantial band
Image courtesy of Brufords
Here are my sketch idea. Clearly I am no jewellery designer

Finally we got round to buying the stone off the internet from India. 
So exciting when it arrived!

well it looks real enough...

And I love the colour!

And here is the ring from my mum, that I want to reuse the diamonds from

Hopefully I will have my ring soon.?!


  1. Oh I can't wait to see it, the stone you've chosen is so pretty. Congratulations!On both the birth and your engagement. I hope you will be very happy.

  2. I realise this is a wee bit late but I've just seen this! What a lovely stone and congratulations! :] x