Monday, 21 February 2011

Etsy Treasury - Creamy Texture

My Ice Cream Necklace has made it onto this Etsy Treastury: Thank you

Apple Blossom Concept

I am currently planning and waiting for the beads for my next Bridal Necklace / Bracelet sets. I have put together this sheet to keep me on track with my influences. I want this piece to have a real spring freshness about it and I'm using apple blossom as my concept. I love the fresh greens of new leaves when they finally appear in spring and I think this bring something different and special to these pieces. As usual my colour palette is started from the Swarovski Crystalized range and for this I will be using some new colours for me: Palace Green which is a beautiful and rich green and peridot which is fresh and perfect. I will be combining the greens with a light peach and padparadscha for the pink tones and crisp white Pearls 4-12mm round. I can't wait for my beads to arrive...I will update once I've finished.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Folksy Friday- One for sorrow...

One for sorrow, two for mirth,
Three for a wedding, four for a birth,
Five for silver, six for gold,
Seven for a secret not to be told.
Eight for heaven, nine for hell,
And ten for the devil's own sel'.

My theme for Folksy Friday this week is Magpies. I saw 8 of them this morning on a roof top which I've never seen before- they were definitely plotting something. In case you're interested the collective noun for Magpies is a Tidings- which got me thinking about all the other collective nouns for birds. Here are some of my favourite:

aerie of eagles
bevy of doves
conspirancy of ravens
deceit of lapwings
descent of woodpeckers
mob of emus
murder of crows
ostentation of peacocks
parliament of owls
storytelling of crows
unkindness of ravens
wisdom of owls

So here is my selection of lovely Folksy Magpie Items:
Rae Welch Magpie in Snow by Rosehill Nature Trail
Inkmeup Dab and a dash.
Champignons The Reworkd Workshop

From left to right, top to bottom
1 Magpies two for joy by Rae Welch
2 Magpie in Snow by Rosehill Nature Trail
3 Stately Magpie Wonders of Bird Life Limited Edition Book Print by Ink Me Up
4 Two For Joy fabric Journal - Notebook by Dab and a dash
5 Magpies pocket moleskine cahier- red by Champignons
6 Magpie Necklace by The Reworkd Workshop
Thank you to everyone that I've included in this Folksy Friday. I hope you enjoy my selection. Kate x

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Folksy Shop!

I've finally got organised and set up my Bridal range on Folksy. I also bought a bust to photograph the pieces on and even had a sunny day to take the photos.
Banner from shop which is a twist on my existing shop

These are some of my favourite photos- you can see the items by going to through the link on the right...
This is the Champagne and Rose necklace

This is the Dark Crystal necklace
and the matching bracelet

Golden Pearl necklace

Ice Cream Necklace with big ribbon clasp

I hope to start on the next necklace soon, and also to make matching bracelets for the three I've not done yet. I hope you like how they've turned out. The ribbons were a little challenging to get right but I'm happy with how they look now!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Folksy Blog- Folksy Friday Pesky Pisces

This week I was asked to do the Folksy Friday for the Folksy Blog. So here it is- click the images to have a look at the Blog

Thanks to everyone that I've included and for Hillary at Folksy for asking me to do this. Thanks x

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bridal Necklace No.2 Pearl and Silver

This is my second necklace for my soon-to-be launched Bridal range. This one has an open beaded front to it so it's a lot more fluid. I love the combination of the pearls with the Black Diamond Swarovski and the silver crystals. I still need to buy the ribbon for the clasp and I think I'm going to make a bracelet to match and maybe some earrings too. All in good time. Here are the photos of how it's looking now so far:
The full necklace
The open section which starts on the 
collar bone to create a less formal look
Detail of the different size pearls and coloured crystals
Detail showing the woven section connecting to the open-
beading which took me so long to work out!
The woven section at the back of the necklace- minus ribbon
Another detail showing the beads and all their sparkly glory