Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bridal Necklace No.2 Pearl and Silver

This is my second necklace for my soon-to-be launched Bridal range. This one has an open beaded front to it so it's a lot more fluid. I love the combination of the pearls with the Black Diamond Swarovski and the silver crystals. I still need to buy the ribbon for the clasp and I think I'm going to make a bracelet to match and maybe some earrings too. All in good time. Here are the photos of how it's looking now so far:
The full necklace
The open section which starts on the 
collar bone to create a less formal look
Detail of the different size pearls and coloured crystals
Detail showing the woven section connecting to the open-
beading which took me so long to work out!
The woven section at the back of the necklace- minus ribbon
Another detail showing the beads and all their sparkly glory