Monday, 30 September 2013

My Wedding - Favours Part I - Cushions

I love all the personal touches that I could add to our wedding. One thing that I wanted to differently to our wedding was the tables and chairs; from being an interior designer and space planner I knew that round tables were a very inefficient in terms of space. As the meal for our reception was going to be in a marquee, the more space we saved the more money we would save. We decided to use trestle tables with benches so we could cram everyone in. I liked the idea of people sitting close together so we had a bit more freedom when planning the table plan as people might not know their direct neighbours but might know someone behind or close to them.

The downside of using tables and benches was the comfort factor- or actually the lack of. I decided to make cushions for all the female guests which would also act as a keepsake and gift. After research I found these KRÅKRIS cushions from Ikea which were the perfect size 35 x 35cm and only cost £1.25 each. I had also previously seen this ÄLGÖRT fabric also from Ikea which is only £6/m. To add another little personal touch I had name labels made with "TAKE ME I'M YOURS | C&S 030813" (the date of our wedding) which cost £3.99 for 72 from Woven Labels UK.

All of the cushions were made on my beautiful and very cute new sewing machine from John Lewis- thank you mum!

All together the cushions cost about £2 each and I made 75 of them. The guests loved them and fights almost broke out over them. I was so pleased as I wasn't sure if people would look at them and think I was mad!

Top two photos courtesy of Amy Radcliffe Photography

Thursday, 12 September 2013

My Wedding - Save The Date

We decided early on that we would design and try to print all of our stationary for the wedding- mainly to save money but also as I enjoy all that DIY/ crafty stuff.

The design of the cards was done by Mr Elinor Jenkins and it was the start of our love of the Ampersand which cleverly contains a C and S for Catherine and Stuart. We also printed this on the back of the Kraft paper envelopes in navy blue. The coral of the ampersand and the navy blue were carried through to all the other stationary.

The paper we used for the cards is a Bockingford Watercolour paper which we then cut down to size after printing. The paper is lovely and thick at 300gsm and has a texture, which works well against the simplicity of the design.

The stamps were another little touch as they were the current picture stamps from Royal Mail and are of Venus- goddess of love. Perfect.