Monday, 21 February 2011

Apple Blossom Concept

I am currently planning and waiting for the beads for my next Bridal Necklace / Bracelet sets. I have put together this sheet to keep me on track with my influences. I want this piece to have a real spring freshness about it and I'm using apple blossom as my concept. I love the fresh greens of new leaves when they finally appear in spring and I think this bring something different and special to these pieces. As usual my colour palette is started from the Swarovski Crystalized range and for this I will be using some new colours for me: Palace Green which is a beautiful and rich green and peridot which is fresh and perfect. I will be combining the greens with a light peach and padparadscha for the pink tones and crisp white Pearls 4-12mm round. I can't wait for my beads to arrive...I will update once I've finished.

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