Monday, 28 May 2012

Dress Making Project 01 Maxi Dress - Starting out

Time for another project I think... This time I am going to try to turn my hand to dress making. I have my cousin's wedding coming up in July and as money is rather tight I thought I'd make myself a dress. As the wedding is going to be in America it's meant to be very hot so I thought I nice floaty maxi dress would be good. Obviously it needs to be REALLY easy to make as I've not made any clothes since making a pair of burberry print trousers about 18 years ago (yes, they were as bad as they sound).

So I've bought some fabric and now I need to think what sort of dress I'd like to make. As I spent more that I should have on the fabric I'm going to try to make it without a pattern. This could be a very bad idea... we shall see. Anyway here is the fabric and bits that I bought on Saturday from the Singer shop in Woking. Also there are some shots of Pearl my mum's ancient, work-horse Singer machine whose services I will be calling up again for this project. It's good to see that Singer haven't changed their logo for at least 30 years.

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