Friday, 4 March 2011

What is a soldiers Favourite Month..?


This week my Friday Folksy is on Soldiers. March is not my favourite month- unless this little baby decides to turn up 2 weeks early of course! I can dream. In the mean time I am dreaming of warm sunshine and trees and flowers starting to bloom. Thank you to everyone who I've included this, and every week. I hope you enjoy my selection.

Urban Eye The Grizzly Squirrel Sioned ap Gareth Thimble-Ina
Photography by Gail Griggs Jings Things

1 Lego Cufflinks Redcoat Soldiers Battling with Pirates of the Seas Toy Soldier Cuff Links by Urban Eye
2 Mirror Soldier Studs Silver Plated by The Grizzly Squirrel
3 Boy's Handpainted Toy Soldier Picture by Sioned ap Gareth
4 Camo Hand sewn Baby booties 3-6 months by Thimble-ina
5 Greeting Card: Soldiers Photography by Gail Griggs
6 London Town Bangle by Jings Things

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