Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bridal Jewellery... dipping my toe

I'm having a difficulty getting motivated in 2011- I'm finding it hard to find inspiration. I'd like to start looking at bridal jewellery especially with summer coming up (trying to look on the bright side of a miserable wet day). I know that brides are especially choosy, understandably, and I know there are lots of people out there offering custom designed and made necklaces and jewellery sets. So my thought is 'how can I offer something unique?' what is my USP? Made myself feel sick typing that- but I do need one. I've had really good feedback to my jewellery- especially the statement and larger pieces but how I can translate that into something understated (no-one wants to be outshone on their wedding day), sophisticated and contemporary? Do I go with simple chokers or long strands? I'm thinking of using predominantly pearls and crystals which is hardly revolutionary but still seems very popular for all type so of weddings from traditional to modern.

As I'm new to this jewellery game I'm not sure how to go about where to try to sell, promote, etc. I know there are millions of wedding shows and I know I'm no where ready for anything like that. Maybe I should just start trying to actually design and make something and take it from there..?

But if anyone is, or knows someone who is, getting married this year and is thinking about having some jewellery made then look my way as I will offer a complete design service and work with the bride to come up with a perfect piece to match their dress and day.

Just need to wait until someone has their nap so I can get my beads out and start the process... wish me luck.

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