Thursday, 29 March 2012

Work in Progress - Lucy's Wedding Jewellery

I am currently working on a set of wedding jewellery. The theme for the wedding is burnt / oranges and ivory. So far I've made these sparkly Swarovski Clear AB 4mm bicone beaded ball earrings. I wanted to make something which is simple, elegant and quite large without being too heavy to wear all day.

The Earrings

The idea behind the bracelet is that it is made of three separate elasticated bracelets with a small linking chain which has a 'something blue' Swarovski heart charm. This link chain will be worn on the wedding day but then after the day the bracelets can be worn separately as a little reminder of the big day whilst being a simple and wearable bracelet. The final three bracelets will be:
  • one 6mm ivory pearls with burnt orange crystal roundels
  • one 6mm Swarovski round beads in Sun, Topaz, Indian Red and Crystal Copper
  • and one 6mm Swarovksi round beads in Clear AB

The Bracelets (final one not yet made)

The necklace (unfinished so far) is an illusion style necklace with multiple strands of ivory pearls and round crystals. I will take some proper photos when everything is finished.

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