Sunday, 22 January 2012

Interiors Project 01 Shower Room

So the first interiors project for me in our new house is the downstairs shower room. It's small and definitely not perfectly formed at the moment. Everything needs replacing and we'll be fitting a proper shower rather than the weak electric one that is in there now.

Jobs to be done:
  • Replace window
  • Remove electric radiator
  • Remove shower, wc, basin and replace
  • Remove floor tiles
  • Remove wall tiles
  • New column radiator
  • New lighting
  • New flooring
  • New wall tiles
 Here is what it looked like to start with. Sorry about the bad montage... I'm a bit out of practice with photoshop

Existing Shower Room

The first job was to take off the plasterboard boxing out of the stairs above. This will make it seem a lot more spacious. The plumber is coming in on the 20 Feb to fit a new radiator and the plumbing for the shower.

Limited floor space, large basin and wc, big step 
onto and into the shower... hopefully all improved soon

Existing electric radiator which is going to be removed 
and the space is going to be made into one big shower

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