Thursday, 2 December 2010

First Fayre Experience

So yesterday I did my first Christmas Fayre. It was at the offices of Grey in London. I sold 2 things which just covered my costs of parking and the congestion charge so it wasn't a complete sell out. I did a practice run of my stall at home- this is what it looked like.  I wish I had more silver beads as I sold another Silver Sparkly bracelet and I think I could have sold a few more too. Shame I'm still waiting for the beads to arrive. I just hope they arrive soon.

I'm doing one for the NCT tomorrow which hopefully won't be a complete waste of time and that brave mums in Highbury will brave the snow and have money to spend!

Martha is currently playing the saucepan lids as cymbals so I think I better play with her before the kitchen gets demolished

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