Friday, 19 November 2010

Folksy Friday Show me your Sparkles

The theme for my Folksy Friday is Sparkle. I had so much to choose from so thank you for everyone who suggested some of their items and I'm sorry I couldn't include all of them. I had to limit it to 10- which is my largest Folksy Friday so far. So here they are- and yes I am always a sucker for a sparkly crystal

I loves these unusual Glass Fairy Lights by Redbrick Glass

Swarovski and brass necklace by Bessie Loves

Stars Christmas cards by Photography by Gail Griggs

Beaded Lace Mohair Shawl by The Crafty Bride- I can't imagine how long this took!

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Smoky Glass Facet Ring by Gimme that Thing

Kaleidoscope ring by Jings Things

Ametrine and Tourmaline by Priti Jewellery

Princess Bride Crystal ab necklace and earring set by If I was a rich girl

Sparkle and Pearls Silver Charm Bracelet - Black by CeeGee Jewellery Design

Rhinestone Heart & Arrow Necklace by Eclectic Creations


  1. Thank you very much for featuring my Heart & Arrow necklace : ) Brilliant picks! xx

  2. Wowsa! Twinkle twinkle!! I love this collection. Thanks heaps for including my Sterling Silver Smoky Faceted Wire Wrapped Ring alongside these stunning pieces.

  3. I love those fairy lights, never seen them before and Amanda's ring is just fab! Thank you for including my shawl - there's approximately 120 hours of work gone into making it.

  4. Fantastic selection - I want those fairy lights! Thanks so much for including my charm bracelet. x

  5. Great choices - thanks so much for featuring my Kaleidoscope ring :)

  6. beautiful heart pendant from eclectic creations
    Kate x